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8oz95t8fl9acances, j’oublie (presque) tout…. (Presque) plus rien à faire du tout…

Ca c’est super, folie (presque) légère……….

Vous l’aurez compris, Flamberge passe en mode [vacances on] !

Et c’est l’occasion de laisser les commandes à M. HOU qui vous rediffHOUse quelques uns de ses meilleurs billets.



By Jove ! My Godness ! It was a very good job for our Deputy-Mayor-still-Regional-Councilor-PMU-RP-346-544 !

Mister HOU had well understood this postulate !


Cock-a-doodle-do ! Glory to the “Made in France” ! (13/05/2010)


kchdvqig0vou, I don’t know, but I, yes!

When I passed the Baccalauréat at the Malraux Highschool, I took the english exam, and I obtained a very good notation, as my little causerie of the day easily testifies.

So, it is the reason why I was especially happy to constat that our Deputy-Mayor-still-Regional-Councilor-PMU-RP-346-1 choosed the english expression “Made in France” to defend the colors of our brave and tricolored country against the others countries.

But it is not enough. Mister our DMRC-PMU-RP-346-1 you could go farther.

Why have you stop in so good road ?

It is imperatif to communicate ans translate the whole collection of french expressions to the rest of the planet ! It is a sacred mission that Jane of Bow, Holy Blandine, Bertrand of the Guesclin would not have denied.

But don’t worry, Mister our edilanous ! I thought about this difficult subject. It is quite normal ! Don’t thank me!

You will find below many french translated expressions who will cary to the top the colors of the “Made in France” !


This french 807 HDI, with all the options and the leather seats, it is not a rupiah of starling !


About the last regional election I had not the ass lined of noodles !


With all my political jobs, I can’t be to the oven and to the mill !


In the prison of Nice, the city of M. Jacques Doctor and Chritian Estrosi, I brought some oranges to my wedding witness.


My god ! M. Auclair, about the municipal seven on seven, don’t push grand-ma into the stinging nettles !


About the municipal budget mysteries, do I ask you if your grand-ma is driving bicycle ?


John-Mary, with your catch gala, don’t take the god’s chidren for savage ducks !


In Montereau city, the honnor-wines at the ending og many ceremonies are falling like in Gravelotte !


In Guadeloupe over-seas territory, I took very quickly the escampette powder…


For Mr Fillon, our first minister, I  keep a dog of my bitch.


Mrs Penchard injuried me, but the spittle of the frog don’t reach the white pidgeon !


With my ecologic quarter of the banks of the water, I’m fayotting, and I hope become calife at the place of the calife !

During the municipal council, i’d better to turn seven times my tong in my mouth…


And the last one for the road :

The local taxes in Montereau come  down like the little vérole on the lower clergy.

Long life to the “Made in France” !

May the continuation of events be conveniented and nevertheless luxurious !

Your devoted HOU



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